aho: the scarcity and creativity studio
contact: christian.hermansen@aho.no (+47 95845512)  or  solveig.sandness@aho.no (+47 92881144)                       facebook: https://www.facebook.com/scarcityandcreativity
walk the line open city, valparaiso, chile.
las piedras del cielo open city, valparaiso, chile.
refugio de las alas open city, valparaiso, chile.
2 x 2 nusfjord, lofoten, norway
community center pumanque, chile
sørenga bridge oslo, norway.
so nordic helsinki, finland
prototype cabin nes, norway
flying compression nusfjord, lofoten, norway
The Scarcity and Creativity Studio (SCS) is a design and build studio within the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO) whose focus is on ‘translations from drawing to building’. The studio’s aim is to expose students to the full architectural process, from interacting with the clients to building their designs. SCS seeks challenging contexts in which local conditions and creativity are employed to make the most of scarce resources. SCS welcomes proposals for projects from individuals and groups who need buildings to facilitate their community activities.
aho publications staff
the bands lofoten, norway
the wave, public performance space, valparaiso, chile
coming project:galápagos
Småbruk: Pocket Farm in Nes, Norway. Spring 2016
Galápagos Community Centre, Fall 2016
coming project:baobarn coming project:zeusfarm
Baobarn children’s home, Spring 2017
ZeusFarm, museum of the land and the sea, Fall 2017
Palestinian Refugee Camp Public Space, Lebanon, Fall 2017
coming project:Bourj ash-Shamali