Principals: Prof.   Christian   Hermansen   Cordua   [Dip.Arch.,   Master   in   Architecture   and   Urban   Design,   REGISTERED   Architect   NAL   and   CAC]   studied   and   practiced   architecture   in   Chile, the   USA   and   Britain.   From   1984   to   2002   he   worked   with   both   the   Mackintosh   School   of   Architecture,   GSA,   where   he   was   Director   of   Post   Graduate   Studies,   and   with   Elder and   Cannon   Architects.   The   latter   work   won   numerous   awards   such   as   The   Royal   Scottish   Academy   Gold   Medal   for   Architecture,   RIBA   Awards,   GIA   Awards,   Civic   Trust Awards,   The   Regeneration   Scotland   Prize,   Europa   Nostra   Award,   Eternit   Prize   for   British   Architecture,   etc.   In   2002   he   moved   to   Oslo,   Norway   where   he   was   appointed Professor   of   Architecture   and   Head   of   the   Department   of   Architecture,   a   position   he   held   until   2009.   In   the   latter   half   of   2010   he   spent   a   semester   as   visiting   researcher   at the   LSE,   Cities   Programme.   Professor   Hermansen   has   lectured   in   America,   Europe   and   Asia,   has   been   Visiting   Professor   at   The   Central   European   University,   Department   of History   and   Philosophy   of   Art   and   Architecture,   CEU,   Prague;   Washington   University,   USA;   University   of   Dundee,   GB;   and   Universidad   del   Desarrollo,   Santiago,   Chile.   He   has published   several   books,   the   last   of   which   is   Manifestoes   and   Transformations   in   the   Early   Modernist   City,   Ashgate,   2010,   and   contributed   to   journals,   books   and   exhibitions in   Europe   and   America.   He   has   worked   in   several   European   Union   funded   research   projects:   E-archidoct,   (ended   in   2010),   and   currently:   HERA,   Scarcity   and   Creativity   in   the Built Environment (2010-1013) and Erasmus Mundus Latin America Project (2012-2015). Ass.   Prof.   Solveig   Sandness,    Master   in   Structural   Engineering.   Graduated   from   NTH/NTNU   in   Trondheim,   Norway,   1994,   where   she   specialized   in   steel   and   concrete structures,   FEM   analyses,   SOFTWARE   PROGRAMMING,   thin   plate   theory   and   advanced   load/response   calculations.   Worked   at   Engineering   Data   Resources   AS   1994-1997, training   and   supporting   users   of   the   structural   software   STAADPro,   in   addition   to   developing   software   according   to   Norwegian   codes.   In   1997   –   2000   she   worked   for   JP Kenny   and   ABB   Offshore   Technology,   developing   subsea   structures,   pipelines   and   risers,   mainly   for   Norwegian   oil   companies   as   Statoil   and   Hydro.   Changed   to   on   shore consultancy   in   Scandiaconsult/Rambøll,   2000,   where   she   worked   until   2004.   Since   2004   she   has   been   assistant   professor   at   AHO,   The   Oslo   School   of   Architecture   and Design,   where   she   teaches   both   in   graduate   and   under   graduate   studies.   She   is   also   partner   and   managing   director   for   a   small   office,   eStatikk   rådgivende   ingeniører   AS,   a company that developes structures in architecture in CLOSE relation to architects. Current participants: Jan Kazimierz Godzimirski,  architect, recent graduate from AHO, has participated in numerous SCS studios Past participants:    Håvard   Breivik,    is   an   architect   and   standby   member   of   NORCAP.   Havard   has   over   seven   years   of   experience   from   crisis   response   and   humanitarian   relief,   and   been deployed    to    the    United    Nations    High    Commissioner    for    Refugees    (UNCHR),    the    International    Organization    for    Migration's    (IOM),    the    United    Nations    Development Programme (UNDP) in Haiti, Nepal, Macedonia, Hungary, and the UNDP Headquarters in New York    Tone   Selmer-   Olsen    is   an   architect   (MNAL)   and   standby   member   of   NORCAP.   Tone   has   over   seven   years   of   experience   from   crisis   response   and   humanitarian   relief,   and been   deployed   to   the   United   Nations   High   Commissioner   for   Refugees   (UNCHR),   the   International   Organization   for   Migration's   (IOM),   the   United   Nations   Development Programme   (UNDP)   in   Haiti,   Nepal,   and   Macedonia.   Tone   has   been   running   her   own   architectural   practice   since   2009,   working   with   projects   ranging   from   private   housing   to large scale culture buildings Joseph   H.   Kennedy   Jr.    graduated   with   a   Bachelor   of   Architecture   from   Cornell   University   (2010-2015)   where   he   received   an   award   for   his   thesis   project.   He   has   completed projects   at   various   scales,   from   positions   as   an   architectural   designer   at   CODA   and   Only   if-   in   New   York   City   to   an   industrial   designer   at   Miniwiz   in   Taipei.   In   addition   to   his professional   work,   his   installations   and   furniture   have   been   exhibited   across   New   York   State.   In   2016   he   received   a   Fulbright   grant   to   pursue   his   research   into   nomadic shelters at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. ( ) Marcin Wójcik     mgr inz arch, Dipl NDS ETHZ in Arch  research fellow / architect  +47.93961725  +48.504347441    1970 born       in Szczecin,   Poland            1990   –   1996   studies   of   architecture   at   the   Technical   University   of   Szczecin,   Faculty   of   Architecture            1996   –   2002   architect   in   Szczecin,   Poland,   cooperation with   various   practices            2002   –   2004   postgraduate   studies   at   ETH,   the   Swiss   Federal   Institute   of   Technology   in   Zurich,   Switzerland,   Chair   of   Computer   Aided   Architectural Design            2004   –   2005   architect   at   MOLA,   Murray   O’Laoire   Architects,   Dublin,   Ireland            2005   –   2012   lecturer:   Computer   Applications,   Architectural   Design   Studio,      module author   and   leader:   Visual   Communications   V   /   Digital   Studio,   MPhil   thesis   advisor,   at   DIT,   Dublin   Institute   of   Technology,   Dublin   School   of   Architecture,   Ireland            2012   –   today PhD reseach fellow at AHO, The Oslo School of Architecture and Design, Institute of Architecture [planned PhD completion in 2016] Felice Allievi, born in Nettuno (Rome, Italy) studied Civil Engineering in  Rome at “La Sapienza” University. Worked for Massimo Calda (PRAS Consulting) in the restoration of historical monuments, and  in the design of industrial buildings. Member of the Italian Institute of Chartered Engineers ‘Ordine degli Ingegneri di Roma’. Moved to London and worked as Project Civil Engineer  for Furness Partnership, a Structural/Civil Engineering Consulting Company. Moved to Valencia where I worked since 2008 to 2011 as Senior Structural Engineer for Santiago Calatrava where I was involved in the design of award winning buildings like: Palazzo dello Sport di Roma Tor Vergata, Palacio de las Artes Valencia, Agora Valencia, Centro de Convenciones de Castellon. At present I'm co-founder Partner of DEGREE OF FREEDOM ENGINEERS, an international civil and structural engineering practice based in Oslo and Valencia, with a focus on high quality innovative architecture. Prof.   Dr.   Michael   U.   Hensel    [Dipl.   Ing.   Grad   Dipl   Des   AA   PhD   Reading,   REGISTERED   Architect   NAL   and   AKNW]   is   an   architect,   researcher,   educator   and   writer.   He   is   tenured professor   for   architecture   at   AHO   the   Oslo   School   of   Architecture   and   Design   where   he   directs   the   Research   Center   for   Architecture   and   Tectonics   [RCAT]   and   co-initiated the   Advanced   Computational   Design   Laboratory   [ACDL].   From   1993   to   2009   he   taught   at   the   Architectural   Association   School   of   Architecture   in   London,   where   he   co- initiated   and   co-directed   the   Emergent   Technologies   and   Design   Program.   In   his   academic   work   he   integrates   research   and   education   along   a   research-by-design   trajectory withemphasis   on   interdisciplinarity,   critical   ability,   projective   capacity   and   interfacing   with   practice.   He   is   a   founding   member   of   OCEAN   (1994),   and   founding   and   current chairman   of   the   OCEAN   Design   Research   Association   and   the   Sustainable   Environment   Association   [SEA].   From   2007   to   2012   he   was   board   member   of   BIONIS   –   The Biomimetics   Network   for   Industrial   Sustainability.   Since   2007   he   is   editorial   board   member   of   AD   Wiley,   since   2011   of   the   open   system   journal   FORMakademisk   and   since 2013   of   the   International   Journal   of   Design   Sciences   and   Technology   .   From   2007   to   2009   he   was   editorial   board   member   of   JBE   –   Journal   for   Bionic   Engineering,   Elsevier Scientific   Press.   His   writings   have   been   published   in   Chinese,   Czech,   English,   Estonian,   Farsi,   Finnish,   French,   German,   Japanese,   Korean,   Norwegian,   Spanish,   and   Turkish. He   has   authored,   co-authored   and   edited   numerous   books   and   journals,   including   five   issues   of   AD   and   with   a   sixth   one   in   production.   For   further   information   see:   RCAT and OCEAN Design Research Association. Håkon   Matre   Aasarød,       founding   partner   of   Fantastic   Norway   with   Erlend   Blakstad   Haffner   in   2003.   In   the   10   years   to   come   the   architectural   studio   was   engaged   in building   design,   mobilization   and   participation   processes,   development   strategies,   writing   and   television   production.   The   primary   ambition   of   the   studio   was   to   create   an open,   inclusive   and   socially   aware   architectural   practice   and   by   that   contribute   to   re-establishing   the   role   of   the   architect   as   an   ACTIVE   participant   in   –   and   a   builder   of society.   Fantastic   Norway’s   credo   was:   “Every   town   is   different;   every   place   is   in   some   way   fantastic.   We   aim   to   embrace   this   fact   and   through   dialogue   transform   it   into architecture”. J oakim   Hoen   is   a   Noregian   architect   educated   at   the   Southern   California   Institute   of   Architecture   (SCI-Arc)   and   the   Oslo   School   of   Architecture   and   Design   (AHO)   where   he received   his   master’s   degree   in   architecture.   Previously   he   worked   at   the   architectural   offices   of   Helen   &   Hard,   Eriksen   Skajaa   and   Snøhetta   in   Oslo.   Since   2012   he   teaches   at the   Oslo   School   of   Architecture   and   Design   and   opened   his   own   practice,   Hoen   Arkitektur,   in   2013.   These   positions   enable   him   to   pursue   his   interests   in   the   intersection between architecture, design and digital technologies, through both practice and academia. (
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