scs: walk the line
This   project   is   located   in   Ritoque,   Chile,   in   the   site   of   the   Open   City,   run   by   the   Corporación   Amereida   and   the School    of    Architecture    and    Design    of    the    Catholic    University    of    Valparaiso,    which    for    fifty    years    has    been constructing   a   town   which   now   houses   many   of   the   school’s   staff   and   contains   a   church,   cementery   and   many public   spaces   and   facilities.   Walk   the   Line   departed   from   a   study   of   Le   Corbusier’s   ‘house   for   an   artisan’   and consists   of   a   small   room   in   which   to   sleep   and   work   and   an   elevated   gangway   for   obserfation   of   the   Pacific   ocean and the nearby nature reserve. The   Open   City   in   Ritoque   is   frequently   visited   by   architecture   students   and   scholars   who   come   to   study   this unique   architectural   experiment.   ‘Walk   the   Line’   provides   a   small   room   with   a   bed   and   a   desk   where   visitors   can spend   a   few   nights   in   contemplation   and   study.   The   project   integrates   a   lightweight   under-spanned   bridge-like plank   that   establishes   a   connection   between   its   immediate   dune   landscape,   the   nearby   nature   reserve   with   its many bird species, and in the distant horizon the Pacific Ocean. For website see:
STUDENTS:    Design    Team:    Pernille    Dammann,    Navid    Navid,    Emilia    Lamer    Schjetlein,    Astrid    Tømmerås    Haug Construction   Team:   Pernille   Dammann,   Navid   Navid,   Benjamin   Norouzi,   Emilia   Lamer   Schjetlein,   Astrid   Tømmerås Haug,   Tora   Arctander,   Sara   Amorim,   Eugenio   Bosco,   Natalia   Bustos,   Aileen   Cuevas,   Francisco   Gainza,   Nicolas   Gallo, Camila Hernandez, Paz Iglesias, Allyson Kutscher, Alejandro Pacheco, Rayen Rodriguez, Helga Scheel, Gabriel Tang Staff: Christian Hermansen, Michael Hensel, Solveig Sandness. Collaborators: e[ad] Escuela De Arquitectura y Diseño - Pontificia universidad Católica de Valparaiso Client: CCA - Corporación Cultural Amereida Sponsors:   Sponsors:   The   Oslo   School   of   Architecture   and   Design,   RCAT   -   Research   CENTRE   for   Architecture   and Tectonics @ AHO, HERA-EU Scarcity and Creativity in the Built Environment research project. Endorsements: Endorsed by the Embassy of Chile in NORWAY AWARDS:      Multi-disciplinary      and      Innovative      Work      Award      2012      (Asplanviak      /      Arkitekturverkstedet); TRANSPORTATION Architecture Award 2012 (National Road Association Norway); Final 20 RIBA Silver Medal 2012.
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