scs: floating compression
The   location   of   this   project   is   in   Nusfjord,   one   of   the   best   preserved   cod   fishing   villages   in   Lofoten   and   now historically   protected   and   converted   from   a   fishing   village   used   in   the   darkest   winter   months   to   a   summer   tourist resort.   The   Floating   Compression   canopy   is   a   tensegrity   system   that   pays   homage   to   Kenneth   Snelson   the   inventor of   what   he   termed   floating   compression   system.   Located   on   the   main   pier   in   Nusfjord   the   canopy   and   the landscaped   furniture   define   the   outdoor   eating   and   alcohol   serving   area   of   the   adjacent   restaurant.   The   materials chosen   for   the   canopy   -   aluminum   tubes   for   the   compression   members   and   high-performance   rope   as   the   tension element reflects on the material of contemporary boat masts and rigging. For website see: For video on the use of Rhino-Grasshopper see:
STUDENTS:    VICTORIA    Amundsen,    Ketil    Andersen,    Laura    Birina,    Lea    Cavelier,    Merete    Claudi-Nielsen,    Monica Fernandez   Amigo,   Magnus   Flo,   Erik   Ohnstad   Folmo,   Nerea   Guezuraga   Saitua,   Glenn   Alexander   Hansen,   Magnus Sandberg   Johansen,   Lars   Egge   Johnsen,   Sotiria   Kriemadi,   Nicolas   Jose   Lira   Vigneaux,   Jon   Kåre   Mannsåker,   Sofia Martins   da   Cunha,   Sylva   Solås   Marwoll,   Marcela   Paz   Moraga   Zarate,   Mayaan   Adriana   Navon   Espinoza,   Adrian   Rove Nordgård, Robin Rakke, Berit Ribsskog, Marie Jenny Voraa, Isabell Nystuen Waldal, Yang Zhang. Staff: Michael Hensel, Christian Hermansen, Solveig Sandness. Collaborators:    Structural    Engineering:    BOMAInpasa,    Barcelona;    Rigging    and    Membranes:    Maritimt    Kompani, TRONDHEIM; Client: Nusfjord AS, Client Representative: Roar Jacobsen Awards: Excellence in Professionalism AWARD 2013 (Arkitektbedriftene i Norge)
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