The   Oslo   School   of   Architecture   and   Design   (AHO)   is   a   specialised   university   offering   education   in   the   areas   of architecture,   industrial   design,   landscape   architecture   and   urbanism.   AHO   has   about   650   students   and   50   PhD students.   Located   in   a   vibrant   and   central   part   of   Oslo,   the   school   is   housed   in   a   converted   factory   building   which offers   outsdtanding   fascilities   to   suit   the   needs   of   its   students.   AHO   is   divided   into   four   Institutes:   Architecture, Urbanism and Landscape, Form History and Theory, and Design. The   Institute   of   Architecture,   of   which   SCS   is   part,   aims   to   educate   reflective   practitioners   of   architecture   of international    standing.    Its    educational    attitude    acknowledges    the    fundamental    diversity    of    the    discipline    of architecture   by   seeking   to   develop   in   its   students   both   a   broad   range   of   methods   and   the   strength   of   individual conviction. By   overlaying   its   traditional   architectural   heritage   with   an   experimental   and   forward-facing   focus   on   process,   the Institute   seeks   to   provide   its   students   with   the   competence   and   individuality   necessary   to   realize   buildings   of   the highest   quality.   Courses   and   studios   which   span   from   conceptual   design   to   material   tectonics   provide   the   basis   for a diverse education based on the conviction that the best architecture is both concrete and conceptual. The   Institute   has   a   staff   of   approximately   20   full-time   and   20   part-time   teachers   and   researchers.   It   seeks   to   build on   the   precedents   established   by   distinguished   teachers   of   the   past,   such   as   Sverre   Fehn   and   Christian   Norberg- Schulz,   and   to   build   and   develop   this   tradition   by   having   amongst   its   staff   some   of   the   best   known   current Norwegian practitioners as well as staff with an international background. Thomas McQuillan is currently the Head of the Institute of Architecture. Website:  
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