galapagos, playa man, shade shelter
The   Municipality   of   San   Cristobal,   Galapagos,   asked   The   Scarcity   and   Creativity   Studio   to   build   a   shade   shelter   with   showers   as   part   of   the   municipal project   to   tidy   up   and   build   facilities   in   the   main   beach   of   Baquerizo   Moreno   Port.   The   project   was   designed   and   build   in   a   period   of   slightly   more than two weeks. The reasons for the short design/build period are explained below.
SCS   had   been   asked   by   the   Ecuatorian   Government   to   design   and   build   a   community   centre   for   the   Galapagos   archipelago.   SCS   staff   traveled   to Galapagos   in   April   2016   to   meet   with   the   Consejo   de   Gobierno   de   Galápagos ,   Mr   Juan   Chávez,   Director   de   Producción   y   Desarrollo   Humano,    to organise   the   project   and   agree   on   mutual   responsibilities   and   tasks   which   would   ensure   the   successful   completion   of   the   project.   Unfortunately   the Consejo de Gobierno de Galápagos  did not fulfill their part of the agreement and the project for a Scout’s Centre had to be cancelled. SCS,   finding   itself   with   no   project,   approached   several   institutions   with   a   view   to   obtaining   a   commission   to   design   and   build   a   project.   Four possible   projects   emerged   from   this   initiative:   1.   A   bridge   over   a   causeway   in   a   new   park   the   Municipality   of   San   Cristobal   was   building.   2.   A   building for yoga training in the highlands 3. A police tower to catch cattle thieves. 4. A shade shelter in Playa Man. The   SCS   studio   decidd   to   opt   for   the   shade   shelter   project   in   Playa   Man.   As   time   was   now   at   a   premium,   SCS   organised   a   three   days   architectural competition,   starting   with   individual   projects,   choosing   the   ideas   with   most   potential   to   develop   further,   until   the   final   project   was   chosen.   As   the project was to be built in bamboo and in the time of two weeks, the details developed for the the Scouts Centre project were used.
SCS, PlayaMan, Galapagos, Plan.
SCS, PlayaMan, Galapagos, Elevation.
SCS, PlayaMan, Galapagos, Cake baked for the opening of the building.
Student Team: Åsmund Amandus Steinsholm, Cecilia Sundt, Guro Langemyhr, Jan Kazimierz Godzimirski, Magdalena Georgieva Alfredova, Magnus Hermstad, Synnøve Solberg, Jørgen Joacim Høy, Therese Andrea Nygaard, Torunn Oland Stjern, Vilde Vanberg, Viola Ulrika Kristin Svens, Wilma Hiemstra, Yaohan Yu. Teachers: Christian Hermansen, Solveig Sandness and Joseph Kenedy Colaborators: Torgeir Blaalid, Finn-Erik Nilsen, and Carlos Gil Sponsors: Lund & Slaatto Nordic MAD 4B ARKITEKTER AS ØKAW ARKITEKTER Byggindustrien Astrup og Hellern LPO Lund Hagem Flakk
SCS, Playa Man, view of the building from the beach
SCS, Playa Man, view of the building from the beach
SCS, Playa Man, view of the building showing three showers.
SCS, Playa Man, view of the building’s main elevation.
SCS, Playa Man, view of the interior of the building with sea-lions lying in the shade.
SCS, Playa Man, detail view of bamboo beam, diagonal, wire ties, and concrete stopper.
SCS, Playa Man, The design-build team with the San Cristobal Scouts.