Community Facility for Xiamutang, Jiangxi, China a collaboration between Tianjin University and the Oslo School of Architecture and Design
After   decades   of   concentrating   resources   on   urban   industrial   development   which   resulted   in   China’s   explosive   economic   growth,   the   government has   turned   its   attention   to   rural   areas   where   it   is   sponsoring   a   variety   of   development   initiatives.   One   of   these   is   the   Louna   International Architects’   Village,   a   project   initiated   by   Urban   Environment   Design   (UED)   Magazine   and   CBC   (China   Building   Centre),   which   occupies   a   small, beautiful valley called Louna, in Guizhou Province where SCS built its last project, the Louna Architects’ Bookshop. However,   Louna   is   not   the   only   Chinese   rural   initiative.   In   pursuance   of   the   policy   of   “rural   revival”   and   “beautiful   countryside”,   China   is   developing numerous   rural   initiatives   throughout   the   countryside.   One   of   these   centres   in   the   village   of   Xiamutang   in   Jiangxi   Province,   which   has   already   been the subject of interventions, the result of international architectural competitions run by UED magazine. This   is   the   second   semester   in   which   SCS   collaborates   with   Tianjin   University   School   of   Architecture   (TJU).   Previously   TJU   students   joined   SCS students   during   the   building   phase   of   the   Louna   Architects’   Bookshop   project   (see: bookshop-the-scarcity-and-creativity-studio).   In   this   coming   semester   our   collaboration   will   be   run   throughout   the   semester   encompassing   design, production information, and building.
SCS works in the context of the real world. For this reason the task and the process are not totally under its control. The clients and partners involved in SCS projects have their own aims and problems. On occasions decisions made by SCS’s clients have meant that projects have had to be cancelled, either before they get off the ground or during the period in which projects are being developed. We have been faced with clients not keeping agreements, clients not owning the sites we were supposed to build on, etc. On each of these occasions we have had to cancel the project and turn our attention to another task.
Location of Xiamutang in China
Xiamutang in context
Xiamutang was the location of an ionternational student design-build competition in 2018.
The winner of the Village Vision competition
Plan of Xiamutang Village