scs: eco moyo
Spring semester 2017
Eco Moyo is an educational Community Based Organisation located in Ezamoyo in Kilifi county, Kenya, providing free Montessori based education to children from poor families. Eco Moyo have recently bought a 5 hectares site half an hour drive from Kilifi town center. The site has a house, and Eco Moyo is building the infrastructure necessary to make it usable as an education centre. During 2017 they built living accommodation for 20 pupils and the teaching staff so that they can move operations to the new site. The development plan for Eco Moyo Education Centre consists of two parts: The first is Eco Moyo Primary School which is  modelled on Green School Principals and the Montessori Education Method, emphasis is on practical approaches to each subject together with ethics, ecology, training in individual thinking and communication skills. The second part is Eco Moyo Farm which will be based on Permaculture Principals for the cultivation of food crops, timber and animal husbandry. The goal is to meet the consumption needs of students and staff, while functioning as a demonstration site for locals and visitors. Eco Moyo have asked The Scarcity and Creativity Studio, AHO to design and build two classrooms on their new site. The Scarcity and Creativity Studio (SCS) spent 5 weeks in Eco Moyo building two classrooms for 20 students each, with adjoining pergolas which shade outdoor teaching areas . Materials used were coral stone blocks rendered with 1:12 parts cement and local earth. To the back of each classroom the ‘light wall’, which is built of planed softwood, allows for ventilation and the controlled penetration of natural light. The roof trusses are built with softwood and covered with corrugated metal sheets. The roofs drain all rain water into two large  water tanks to the back. A fabric ceiling hung under the trusses will stop radiation from the metal roof sheets from reaching the occupants. (For more details of the Eco Moyo Education Centre see and  for the development of the project see
Eco Moyo, the two classrooms, render before construction
Eco Moyo, the two classrooms, design sections
Eco Moyo, the two classrooms, photo from the back
Eco Moyo, the two classrooms, space in between the classrooms
Eco Moyo, entrance to classroom 2
Eco Moyo, classroom 1, interior and exterior teaching spaces.
Eco Moyo, pergola outside classroom 1
Eco Moyo, interior classroom 1
Eco Moyo, plan of the two classrooms
Eco Moyo, roof plan of the two classrooms, drains into water catchment tank.
Eco Moyo, construction
Eco Moyo, The Team
The Team: Mina-Matilde Håøya, Kevin Benny Kuriakose, Seppe Claes, Lena-Marí Nordli, Laura Brasé, Miquel Benedito Ribelles, Katherine Bylett, Bao Trung Mai, Jingyi “Birdy” Xu, Maria Lagging, Bianca Suárez Steckelmacher SCS: Christian Hermansen, Solveig Sandness, Joseph Henry Kennedy Jr, Jan Kazimierz Godzimirski Structures: Felice Allievi, (Degrees of Freedom), Solveig Sandness (AHO) Sponsors: The donations from sponsors paid for a significant amount of the materials used in the construction, the remainder was financed by Eco Moyo.              
Eco Moyo, Axonometric of one of the classrooms.