SCS   is   a   design   and   build   studio   that   focuses   on   ‘translations   from   drawing   to   building’.   The   studio’s   aim   is   to expose   students   to   the   full   architectural   process,   from   interacting   with   clients   to   building   their   designs.   SCS   seeks challenging contexts in which local conditions and creativity are employed to make the most of scarce resources. Projects   are   typically   designed   and   built   in   one   semster.The   SCS   studio   is   organised   as   an   architectural   office   in which   individual   contributions   and   cooperation   within   the   group   are   finely   balanced.   At   the   begining   of   each semester   students   develop   individual   proposals,   these   are   evaluated   by   the   studio   and   the   ideas   with   most potential   are   chosen   to   be   developed   in   the   next   phase.   In   order   to   break   down   individual   ownership   of   project ideas,   authors   of   chosen   projects   are   excluded   from   working   on   their   own   ideas.   By   means   of   repeating   this process   three   or   four   times   the   studio   chooses   the   project   to   be   built.   Because   the   chosenproject   has   ‘rotated’ amongst   most   of   the   participants   in   the   studio   it   is   felt   to   be   the   result   of   a   collective   endevour.   The   semester   ends with a four to five week building process. Thus   far   the   SCS   studio   has   completed   eighteen   projects,   in   Chile,   Norway,   Finland,   Lebanon,      Kenya,   and   Ecuador   - Galapagos.   SCS   welcomes   cooperation   proposals   from   individuals   and   groups   who   require   buildings   to   facilitate their community endevours.
                                          aho: the scarcity and creativity studio
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