scs: art and culture production centre
The   Art   and   Culture   Production   Centre   is   located   in   Kleivan,   Vestvagoy   Municipality,   Lofoten   on   a   quay   containing three   existing   buildings:   a   fisherman’s   cottage,   a   cod   liver   oil   production   building,   and   a   cod   salting   building,   all   of which   were   part   of   a   now   abandoned   fishing   village.   These   buildings   date   back      to   the   early   1900s   and   are considered   historically   important   because   they   are   the   remains   of   a   form   of   life   prevalent   in   this   region   which   has disappeared.   For   these   reasons   the   quay   and   three   buildings   have   been   listed   in   the   "Cultural   Heritage   Plan   for Lofoten"   adopted   by   Nordland   county   in   2007,   thus   the   external   appearance   of   these   buildings   can   be   renovated, but   not   changed,   while   the   interiors   can   be   modified   to   cater   for   new   uses.   The   second   part   of   this   project   involves the   upgrading   of   the   quay,   possibly   incorporating   a   new   terrace   and   sauna   to   provide   facilities   for   those   involved in the activities of the Art and Culture Production Centre. The   three   existing   buildings   will   be   renovated   to   provide   facilities   for   art   and   cultural   production   activities   as   well as   residential   accommodation.   Diverse   groups   will   occupy   these   facilities   for   varying   periods   of   time.   The   Centre   is meant to be a public resource and become a reference for similar initiatives throughout the region. The   task   of   the   studio   is   to   design   plans   for   the   conversion   of   the   quay   and   its   buildings   into   an   Art   and   Culture Production   Centre   through   the   renovation   of   the   interior   of   the   three   existing   buildings   and   to   design   and   build   a project for the  the quay.
Students :    Azriel,Mathilde;    Bendelac,Ines;    Degerth,Tommy;    De    Santos    Sanz,Irene;    Egeland,Eline;    Gallego-Guiu,Bruguers;    Gilberg,Sigrid    Bergitte; Godzimirski,Jan Kazimierz; Grometto,Matteo; Jetmundsen,Thea Andrea; Laurila,Marianna; Lomaglio,Matteo; Luken,Lodewijk; Mannsåker,Jon Kåre Mjelde,Ida Helene Holm; Rekstad,Une Tangen; Saludas,Miguel; Schneider,Michelle; Skarphol,Kristine Sommarset, Jonas Aarre; Strassegger,Anna Rosa; Vercruysse,Emiel; Årthun,Maria. Staff:  Christian Hermansen, Solveig Sandness, Marcin Wójcik Client:  Villa Lofoten.
The landscape, building site quay in the far right.
Buildings on the quay site, from left to right, Trandamperi and Brygge
projects phase 2 projects phase 3
Development of the project:
The Bands seen from above-north
The Bands’s southern end seen from the water.
The Bands showing BBQ, dining table, and the sauna.
The Bands seen from the southern end.
The Bands, sauna seen from above.
The Bands, sauna window reflecting the landscape view.
The Bands, interior of the sauna.
The Bands, part of the design and building team.
The Bands, exhibition model.